Rail Transport Signalization Systems

Signalization Scada System

Operators can track the status, positions, alarm and fault information of all switches and equipment in level crossings, as well as the identification information of the vehicles using these zones. It can set a route to the destination of the vehicle and ensure that the signal lamps and switches are in the appropriate position. It has a modern interface.

Interlocking System

Any scissors When the route (command) is sent in any point crossing or level crossing, commands are transmitted to the relevant switch motor and signal lamp via the SKP (signal control panel). When the scissor motor and signal lamps are positioned according to the route, the interlocking system locks these devices and prevents a second command from being sent. The interlocking system is SIL3 Assessment certified. We provide services in the design of the interlocking system, product supply, ...

Automatic Train Stop System (ATS)

In rail systems, a stop ball is placed next to the signal lamps that are positioned without entering the tunnel. If there is a vehicle in the tunnel, this signal turns red, if any vehicle passes through it by violating the signal, the PLC system sends the "stop the vehicle" command to the workstation in the vehicle.

Automatic Train Tracking System (AVLS)

The trains running on the line; location information, speed information, driver (driver) information, active cabin information, driving times are displayed on the scada. We provide services in the project design of the AVLS system, product supply, field application and commissioning.